At ProDigna, we understand that your company is under tremendous pressure to improve the skill-sets of your employees. We also know that employees need to be made to feel special now, when there is so much competition for skilled professionals. A unique training program can satisfy both of those needs: you train your employees with new and updated skills; at the same time you increase their wellbeing, which will contribute to your retention rates. Our courses are not theoretical; they are practical. We work to get results, quickly.

At ProDigna each training program is tailor-made. We work hard to find the right solutions for each client, right now.


At ProDigna our courses are based largely on “experiential learning” – a concept developed by David Kolb – in which participants absorb new information based on the cycles indicated below:

  1. Experience in the workplace.
  2. Reflection and discussion about that experience.
  3. Abstract conceptualization (learning the “theory” behind the experience).
  4. Experimentation (how can I handle this situation better, PRACTICE).

 At ProDigna we believe that our participants master the skills taught in our courses to a much greater degree as a result of this methodology; participants understand the concepts within their own experience, examine and discuss the experience with their peers, learn the theory on how others have responded to such challenges, and then implement their own conclusions in their workplaces.

What does this mean in the classroom?

It means that we do not simply lecture. It also means that our students are not just listening and taking notes. Our participants must be willing to be actively involved in the learning experience. They must be able to reflect, share, and practice their decision-making and problem-solving skills in order to improve.

We test our lessons with each student to make sure they are useful to them. We constantly ask questions to evaluate their usefulness in the students’ daily routine and we work actively on implementing our ideas immediately to empower change in a natural but effective way.

I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.

Confucius, 450 B.C.
Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I will learn.

Benjamin Franklin, 1750


Few training companies today employ instructors with the skills to implement this teaching methodology. ProDigna prides itself on providing our clients exclusively with trainers who have the professional experience to understand the challenges facing companies today. They are also master communicators and are therefore able to inspire participants in our courses to open up to new ideas, share experiences with their peers and practice challenging new techniques.


The idea may not be new, but the methodology requires extensive background experience, dedication and deep knowledge of today’s business demands. ProDigna takes the techniques and methodologies used by top Business Schools and makes them accessible for our clients by coming to their premises.



Each group of trainees in our programs will go back to their colleagues with the confidence, awareness and pride in their employer and products that only this personalized training can provide, and the lessons will disseminate exponentially. Employees across sectors will be receiving and transmitting the same corporate philosophy, which our trainings in communications are designed to provide. Your employees will understand what makes their company special and will be prepared to present that positive image to their colleagues, the local community, and international visitors.



Our courses are practical and they are meant to get results. For this reason we have spent time and resources on researching and creating the best possible monitoring and evaluation system in order to not only measure results, but catch and correct problems along the way.

We understand M&E as an integrated reflection and communication system within each course that must be planned, managed and resourced. M&E is not simply a statistical task or an external obligation but a mandatory element of professional, sustainable and responsible training.

The M&E plan is designed to deliver results and to insure that each course is achieving its stated purpose for at least 75% of the students who complete the entire course.

ProDigna offers the following services for each group of students, according to the needs of the client and the length of the course.

Monitoring & Evaluation



All of our courses can be adapted to training trainers. These courses are vital for any company and should be conducted annually, unless there is a particular hiring need, in which case they should be conducted more often. Each incoming generation of staff should be receiving the same corporate message, which needs to be conveyed in a coherent, consistent fashion. In our experience it is helpful to have an outside company conducting these courses for three reasons: first, it takes the burden off your staff; second, our staff can conduct an independent assessment of your employees; and third, we bring international standards to the process.