Do you have a goal that you have been putting off for some time, because you just cannot get started?
Is your problem more general – are you having trouble defining your goals?
Do you feel like you need more purpose in your life?

At ProDigna we help you identify, define and pursue your goals through a professional coaching process. Our accredited coaches* can help you find the answers within and activate an action plan that helps you move ahead whether professionally or personally.

We offer different kinds of coaching (both in person or through Skype sessions):

  • Personal and life coaching: for individuals with a personal goal that they want to define and/or pursue.
  • Professional coaching: for professionals that want to grow and develop their careers.
  • Corporate coaching: for professionals with the need to work on corporate compliance.
  • Team coaching: for teams with a common goal that are not working in sync.
  • Mentoring: for professionals who need direction and advice on how to reach their goals or want to take advantage of ProDigna’s skills in helping people learn sales or communications technique.